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HowardFilms proudly presents Bass: The Movie

  This year HowardFilms went on a road trip for America's most infamous underwater creature: The Largemouth Bass.

We wanted to see this fish up close and personal, but were not
sure how it could have the drama of a saltwater fish haunting
white-sand flats. So, we spent a year looking around for the right place to start our odyssey.

(And yes, unlike Location X, we ARE going to publicly reveal our locations when we are done shooting).

And we are going to show you some trophys and new ways we
found to catch them.

You'll see fly rod pros match skills with spin gear pros - and show why the next big thing in light tackle fishing is upon us: A fish that
lies just out of sight and hits you every time like the first swing in
a bar fight. We loved every minute of it.


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The CA Delta: Beautiful but in serious danger
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