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The film about the Striped Bass migration began in The Chesapeake Bay in Virginia and follows the fish and the anglers who love them through New Jersey, Rhode Island, New York City, and The Hamptons, Montauk, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts and up to Maine. Conventional World Record Holder Greg Myerson makes the boat shake with both his enthusiasm and his fish catches. His innovations are changing the sport. Along the way we fish from beaches and chase stripers in shallow water and blitzes with fly rods as well in moments that make your heart race.

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HowardFilms proudly presents Bass: The Movie

This year HowardFilms went on a road trip for America's most infamous underwater creature: The Largemouth Bass. We wanted to see this fish up close and personal, but were not sure how it could have the drama of a saltwater fish haunting white-sand flats. So, we spent a year looking around for the right place to start our odyssey.

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"A journey I'll never forget!" - Andy Mill, 5-Time Gold Cup Champion

2007 was one of the most challenging years on record for tarpon anglers in the Florida Keys.
It was also the year that Andy Mill separated from his wife, Chris Evert. Mill's therapy has always been on the the bow of a flats skiff. Yet, with a season of wind and weather, there was only so much relief to be had...
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Not since the endless summer has a film been such a revelation in regards to a sport and its culture.”
--Randy Hackett, Washington Square Films

Imagine a bonefishing trip with two of the best guides in the world. Then, just for fun, tell them that you want to find a trophy sized fish over ten pounds. A fish as hard to find as it is to land.
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What is this obsession? What is this fish? It is our mission to find out. We show tarpon fishing at its highest level and do it with the best images to date.

This documentary film takes viewers from the hand lines and row-boat of A.W. Dimock in the 1880’s to the fly rods and flats skiffs of today’s greatest tarpon fisherman. The film follows the most accomplished men (and women) anglers in the world... They share the oral history of the sport – and personal techniques used to convince trophy tarpon to eat a fly.
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"If I hadn't seen it, I wouldn't have believed it."
- Tom Rowland, professional angler and veteran Florida Keys guide

No maps. No GPS coordinates.
Just the finest tarpon fishing ever caught on film.

We blindfold world class anglers.  Fly them in.  Drive them to the water.
And share shocking footage of unwary Tarpon swimming at the boat in clear water - daring us to cast a fly.

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